Computer Embroidery Arises Charming

Computer Embroidery Arises – Maybe we all know what embroidery is, but not necessarily we know what types of embroidery are there. These types of embroidery vary greatly depending on the manufacturer’s wishes. One that is widely used is computer embroidery arises.

This type of embroidery was chosen because it was considered to have a better aesthetic value compared to other types of embroidery. This embossed embroidery can easily be made using a computer embroidery machine which of course will be very fast and efficient in the manufacturing process.

Computer Embroidery Arises

Computer Embroidery Arises – Just like the making of embroidery with a computer embroidery machine in general the steps are no different, it’s just that the design is made separately so that the results arise. For the steps are :

1. To make embroidery arise using a computer embroidery machine, we first create a pattern that we design specifically so that the embroidery becomes embossed. The making of this pattern is through a design software intended specifically for computer embroidery machines.


In the case of pattern making, we will use the perstik system, for an embroidery pattern, usually it will require a price of Rp. 14,000 for the price of the perstik is Rp. 5, – up to Rp. 10. So you can count yourself how many sticks are needed to make one embroidered logo pattern.


2. After the pattern is finished, the next step is of course entering the softcopy or file the pattern into the embroidery machine. You just move the file into flashdrive or flashdisk then just plug the drive into the computer embroidery machine via the available USB slot.


3. After the file is entered, just set the production according to the wishes and then the machine can start producing embroidery with a faster time.

 The Effectiveness of Computer Embroidery Arises

Computer Embroidery Arises – Like other production machines that are created to accelerate the production of an item, this computer embroidery machine also has the same capabilities, namely speeding up and making production more efficient.

This is because the concept of this machine that can make one applique in a very fast time so that the production speed can be calculated more efficiently which is certainly different from the manual method in making embroidery prioritizing accuracy and also depends on the ability and also the speed of the worker which is certainly different – different so that production time cannot be calculated efficiently.

Besides being efficient, this computer embroidery machine also has advantages in the manufacture of various types of embroidery. One of them is embroidered embossed which if done manually, the time needed will be longer.

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