Embroidery Logo Shirt The Right and Easy Way to Create Logo

Embroidery Logo Shirt The Right and Easy Way to Create Logo

Logo Embroidery – Embroidery is a need that cannot be underestimated at this time. This embroidery is widely used for several purposes, one of which is a lot of clothes logo.

A clothes logo that uses it as an identity, is now widely used as an ornament as well as an identity. The type of logo that can be made in a variety of models and designs and colors will be very interesting if the use can be arranged according to the right position and proportion.

Logo Embroidery Shirt

1 Logo position

One very important item of clothing is the logo but whether or not a logo is a trivial matter. Most logos are placed on the front next to the left chest but many do not know if the logo turns out to be placed in several other locations, for example the bottom front left or right.

But never place the embroidered logo or image on the upper or lower back. Although many do it, but actually this will make the clothes a little uncomfortable in use. The back part is the part that should not be too thick while the part will be too thick with the addition of a embroidery motif.


In addition to the position, the proportion of logos is also important. We all certainly have seen a lot if most logos have a small size, this is done so that the clothes do not seem excessive so it can interfere with the aesthetic value and also interfere with the comfort of clothes when used.

Here is what is meant by proportions, in giving embroidered logos, we must take into account the size of the embroidery logo so that it does not seem excessive and even annoying when used. This happens a lot because of the cheap price of embroidery so that some people use embroidery designs that are too lively and too large to be overly impressed.

3 Gradation

The meaning of gradation is the pattern of the color of the logo itself or between the logo with the color of the shirt material.

We’ve all known if the embroidered logo can be made with a variety of color compositions in order to make the logo more attractive, but there are also many cases where the embroidered logo has a color that doesn’t match the color of the shirt given the logo

Shirt Logo Design

Logo Embroidery 

In designing it is better to do a suitable color calculation so that the results will not be blasphemous, especially if the embroidery logo will be used by many people for a particular institution.


Determining the logo is indeed not easy, it must consider things that are actually trivial but if you don’t pay attention to it, it will make the embroidery logo become unattractive at all. Whatever type of shirt is better, use a simple design and not too many colors are involved.


Then it must be remembered if sometimes the colors produced from embroidery become a little different from the colors that have been designed that we have made beforehand so that we have to be really careful in choosing colors for an embroidered shirt logo.