Computer Embroidery 1 Head of Embroidery Machine that Is Much Interested

1 Head Computer Embroidery 

Embroidery is a profitable business today. there are many people who want embroidery as a decoration or a sign of their own identity.

But many don’t understand about this embroidery system. in the embroidery system there is a manual embroidery and computer embroidery.

Well, for manual embroidery, the tool used is a tool in general, while for computer embroidery, the tool used is a special tool that has the ability and certain types so that the results of embroidery can be adjusted as expected.

One of the most popular computer embroidery machines is the one-head computer embroidery machine. So named because the embroidery device that functions to make patterns only consists of one or one head.

Most of these tools have six needles which function as an embroiderer of the pattern that has been included in it before. This embroidery tool includes a simple embroidery tool that is affordable but the function is quite maximum.

Computer Embroidery 1 Head

Many don’t know how the system works. actually very simple.

 First we make patterns on certain computer software that are specifically intended to design patterns for embroidery machines. The system is based on sticks. Each stick price ranges between Rp. 5, – up to Rp. 10. Usually for one pattern will spend at least Rp. 14,000. but this pattern can be used for several times.

After the pattern is made, the pattern must be inserted into the embroidery machine. The method is very easy, just enter the pattern softcopy via a USB connection on the computer head embroidery machine and complete the pattern input step.
The last step is to put the fabric that will be embroidered under the head of the embroidery machine and start the embroidery process. After a while, the process will be completed and the desired results will be obtained.

Usually for embroidery machines there are several threads with various colors. Now this is the advantage in using a computer embroidery machine, namely the design made can contain various elements of color so that the results obtained are more varied.

In addition, the advantage of using this machine is that the embroidery process time is faster than using a manual method which will take longer.

complicated patterns that will be very difficult to be made manually but will be very easy to make using this machine so that its use is needed in the embroidery business – embroidered clothes.

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