Examples of Embroidery Koko Clothes and Patterns

Examples of Embroidery Koko Clothes

Embroidery is a requirement that is very much sought after today. embroidery is a decoration that is unisex or used by men or women. In its development there are many embroidery motifs both plain and with various colors. Embroidery itself can be divided into 2 types according to its manufacture.


Manual embroidery


Manual embroidery is embroidery that uses manual processing techniques in its manufacture. This manual embroidery process will begin with the pattern making and transferring the pattern to the top of the fabric to be embroidered then the embroidery is applied according to the pattern.


Manual embroidery itself has been around for a long time, but because the process takes longer, this type of embroidery has been abandoned. This is because manual embroidery is no longer in line with the mass production system that is widely used today. but behind the shortcomings there are advantages, namely the results obtained more optimally.


Computer embroidery


Another type of embroidery is computer embroidery that uses a computer-based system in the process. This computer embroidery process begins with making an image design through a special software then transferring it to the computer embroidery machine that will produce embroidery according to the pattern that has been entered.

Examples of Koko Dress Embroidery


For mass production, this type of embroidery is more suitable to be used because it will make production time shorter.


Computer embroidery is widely used because the power needed is less and also the time is also less so that the efficiency of the work is better. In addition, this computer embroidery can make patterns arise with lots of color combinations.

In making embroidery, we can see examples of embroidery patterns from existing ones. There are so many examples of embroidery circulating, both online and offline.


We just take a few examples to be used as inspiration in making our own embroidery patterns. But it must be seen again whether the pattern is in accordance with the koko concept that we want or not.


For embroidery koko clothes, usually laying embroidery patterns done in the area around the collar or collar then it can also be around the buttons, other than that, lately many people have put the embroidery pattern on the shoulder with only one part, right or right. left.


This embroidery motif of koko clothes will usually use geometric or flower forms that do not involve animal or human forms because the use of animal or human images is indeed prohibited in Islam.


For more details, before designing embroideries on koko clothes, it’s a good idea to look first at the many embroidery examples of koko clothes that are widely available so that our designs can be in accordance with our rules and desires.

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