Cheap Cartoon Goodie Bag Is Very Suitable For Children

Cheap Cartoon Goodie Bag

A child’s birthday is indeed an event that will consume a lot of money and energy. This is because usually, a child’s birthday party will have a theme that matches the child’s preferences, and most children love cartoons that they often watch on television.

In addition to decorating and also cakes and other trinkets that must be in accordance with the cartoon theme of the birthday party, souvenirs and goodies for the packaging must also have such themes.

This makes many parents who are confused looking for a goodie bag that is appropriate because usually in the shop there is only a goodie bag with pictures that are not uniform and different.

The best solution is to find a goodie bag manufacturer or vendor who wants to receive a goodie bag order with a picture or design that suits our wishes.

In choosing this goodie bag vendor we should negotiate the price especially if the purchase is made in large quantities so that the price obtained can be in accordance with the material and the quality of the goodie bag is still good.

For a cartoon-themed goodie bag, it will have a more expensive price, this is because usually cartoon images will fulfill the goodie bag as a whole so that it will need more ink or paint in printing that will affect the more expensive price set by the manufacturer.

In addition to prices, we also have to talk about cartoon content or existing images. If it will indeed be used as a place for souvenirs for children’s birthday parties, then it is better to have cartoon images in accordance with the theme of the birthday.

Without being accompanied by a photo of the child who is having a birthday because in addition to being overly impressed it will also be dangerous for the child if his identity is exposed to many people who will invite the oaring evil mind to do everything possible to get money from the child. cases like this have happened a lot.


Examples of Embroidery Koko Clothes and Patterns

Examples of Embroidery Koko Clothes

Embroidery is a requirement that is very much sought after today. embroidery is a decoration that is unisex or used by men or women. In its development there are many embroidery motifs both plain and with various colors. Embroidery itself can be divided into 2 types according to its manufacture.


Manual embroidery


Manual embroidery is embroidery that uses manual processing techniques in its manufacture. This manual embroidery process will begin with the pattern making and transferring the pattern to the top of the fabric to be embroidered then the embroidery is applied according to the pattern.


Manual embroidery itself has been around for a long time, but because the process takes longer, this type of embroidery has been abandoned. This is because manual embroidery is no longer in line with the mass production system that is widely used today. but behind the shortcomings there are advantages, namely the results obtained more optimally.


Computer embroidery


Another type of embroidery is computer embroidery that uses a computer-based system in the process. This computer embroidery process begins with making an image design through a special software then transferring it to the computer embroidery machine that will produce embroidery according to the pattern that has been entered.

Examples of Koko Dress Embroidery


For mass production, this type of embroidery is more suitable to be used because it will make production time shorter.


Computer embroidery is widely used because the power needed is less and also the time is also less so that the efficiency of the work is better. In addition, this computer embroidery can make patterns arise with lots of color combinations.

In making embroidery, we can see examples of embroidery patterns from existing ones. There are so many examples of embroidery circulating, both online and offline.


We just take a few examples to be used as inspiration in making our own embroidery patterns. But it must be seen again whether the pattern is in accordance with the koko concept that we want or not.


For embroidery koko clothes, usually laying embroidery patterns done in the area around the collar or collar then it can also be around the buttons, other than that, lately many people have put the embroidery pattern on the shoulder with only one part, right or right. left.


This embroidery motif of koko clothes will usually use geometric or flower forms that do not involve animal or human forms because the use of animal or human images is indeed prohibited in Islam.


For more details, before designing embroideries on koko clothes, it’s a good idea to look first at the many embroidery examples of koko clothes that are widely available so that our designs can be in accordance with our rules and desires.

Examples of Embroidery Men’s Clothing with Various Embroider

Examples of Embroidery Men’s Clothing

Embroidery is now a clothing accessory that can be applied to men’s and women’s clothing.

This is because embroidery motifs that can be made vary so that it becomes an accessory that can be adapted to all types of clothes. For men’s clothing, this embroidery has also been widely used, whether as a logo or as a sufficient decoration to make the appearance of clothes more attractive.

In its development, the motif used consists of many forms, this is due to the transition of the embroidery method from the manual to the computer which certainly facilitates the process of making this embroidery.

Men’s clothing embroidery has many examples that we can use to make our own embroidery motifs. One good example is embroidery motifs with plant or natural nuances so that a simple impression becomes thicker.

For logos, it is already widely applied to men’s clothing, but usually only limited to complement, even though this logo can be used as a decoration that will make clothes more attractive.

When we want to make embroidered motifs on clothes, especially men’s clothes, it’s best to rethink how the clothes look when the embroidery is installed.

Do not let the clothes become confused in terms of the concept due to excessive use of embroidery. Therefore, it is a good idea to look back at the example of an existing male shirt.

So that we can properly balance and also redesign the embroidery motifs and adjust their placement well. Do not get the wrong position, because it will greatly affect the comfort of the wearer.

So many examples of embroidery motifs spread both online and offline, this makes it easy for us to make our own embroidery designs so that they become more fitting and attractive because they can combine several motifs so that embroidery has a new and not monotonous look like that – that’s all.

The use of this motif can also be adjusted to the concept of clothes. For example, for the concept of simple clothes, embroidery should only be in the form of lines that form letters so that a masculine and simple impression can be obtained. Conversely the use of embroidery motifs that are too much will make clothes become excessive. Open an example of a male shirt to be used as a good example so that the embroidery is not messy.

Party Shirt Centers Print Various Kinds of Party Shirts

Party Shirt Center

The need for goods to campaign for ria is a very important need for a prospective official. Uniquely, many prospective officials still use t-shirt media as their campaign media.

Candidates for officials who are certainly carried by a political party will certainly issue campaign slogans and what is equally important is party shirts.

Party shirts are considered to be better because they have enough useful functions and can make these candidates better known by people, how about it if we see it as a figure who always hangs in the image of a party shirt that is often used.

Party Shirt Center

Printing of party T-shirts is usually done using the type of screen printing because it is cheaper. Whereas for exclusive party t-shirts that are intended for prospective officials or cadres will have better material and type of printing, they can even use embroidery.

This is because the party’s t-shirts will always be used by the people involved to carry out campaign activities which must be used at all times so that the material and also the type of mold must be made as good as possible.

Many vendors offer printing types of party shirts at low service costs. But again, if we want good results, then carefulness in choosing a vendor is a must.

Party shirts that are actually one of the campaign media that is always awaited by the public will be bad if the materials used are too bad and the prints are not good.

Image of a potential official can be tarnished if you issue a low-quality campaign media, even though to make this party t-shirt, of course the costs incurred are also high.

For example, for party shirts for Rp. 10,000, – then to print party shirts as many as 10,000 pieces will cost Rp. 100,000,000, – and this amount is calculated not a little considering the other needs that must be met.

So that in addition to considering the quality of the goods, you should also look at the price and the number of shirts that will be printed. To choose a good party shirt, we must choose the material first, don’t let the selected material be too thin that will make the shirt unattractive.

T-shirt making must also be considered, not to make the manufacturing time count so long that it will hamper other activities.

For more convenience, it is better to do an MOU with the vendor regarding prices, results and duration of work so that no party is harmed because everything has been arranged in the contract agreement

Unit Embroidery at the Cheap Convection Center

Unit Embroidery

Embroidery clothes seem to have become a necessity that must be done to get the desired clothes model. As an embroidery decoration, this can be done on a mass or unit basis.

For example, when you want to make embroidery for your clothes because you want to make your clothes become more attractive, then you can just get the embroidery with units.

This means that the embroiderer will only apply the embroidery design just for your clothes, unlike mass embroidery that one design will be applied to a lot of clothes.

Unit Embroidery

 Today, there are a lot of services that offer embroidery with unit or bulk system. The price offered is also classified as varied depending on the type of embroidery and also the desired motif.

Most of these services make embroidery using a computer embroidery machine and rarely do it manually.

Borders made will determine the price given. For manual embroidery, of course, will have a different price than computer embroidery, as well as unit embroidery, which will certainly be more expensive with bulk embroidery prices.

Borders made will determine the price given. For manual embroidery, of course, will have a different price than computer embroidery, as well as unit embroidery, which will certainly be more expensive with bulk embroidery prices.

This is because unit embroidery has the same process as mass embroidery, starting with pattern making, then embroidery using a computer machine.

The dissemination is, for unit embroidery, the pattern made is only for one piece of clothing, this is what makes it a unit embroidery.

If you want a good embroidery result, then you must be smart in choosing this embroidery service. this is due to whatever type of embroidery process, embroidery is still a process that requires the culprit to have special skills that will influence the end result.

If manual embroidery is definitely using HR in all its processes including applying patterns to the fabric, it is different from computer embroidery, this computer embroidery requires the embroidery performer to make an image design using a special computer program which will later be included in the embroidery machine.

In carrying out the design process, of course it will be very different from when using a manual drawing method that does not involve a computer program and of course it will be easier, while for making a design using a computer will require its own expertise from the operator.

Computer Embroidery 1 Head of Embroidery Machine that Is Much Interested

1 Head Computer Embroidery 

Embroidery is a profitable business today. there are many people who want embroidery as a decoration or a sign of their own identity.

But many don’t understand about this embroidery system. in the embroidery system there is a manual embroidery and computer embroidery.

Well, for manual embroidery, the tool used is a tool in general, while for computer embroidery, the tool used is a special tool that has the ability and certain types so that the results of embroidery can be adjusted as expected.

One of the most popular computer embroidery machines is the one-head computer embroidery machine. So named because the embroidery device that functions to make patterns only consists of one or one head.

Most of these tools have six needles which function as an embroiderer of the pattern that has been included in it before. This embroidery tool includes a simple embroidery tool that is affordable but the function is quite maximum.

Computer Embroidery 1 Head

Many don’t know how the system works. actually very simple.

 First we make patterns on certain computer software that are specifically intended to design patterns for embroidery machines. The system is based on sticks. Each stick price ranges between Rp. 5, – up to Rp. 10. Usually for one pattern will spend at least Rp. 14,000. but this pattern can be used for several times.

After the pattern is made, the pattern must be inserted into the embroidery machine. The method is very easy, just enter the pattern softcopy via a USB connection on the computer head embroidery machine and complete the pattern input step.
The last step is to put the fabric that will be embroidered under the head of the embroidery machine and start the embroidery process. After a while, the process will be completed and the desired results will be obtained.

Usually for embroidery machines there are several threads with various colors. Now this is the advantage in using a computer embroidery machine, namely the design made can contain various elements of color so that the results obtained are more varied.

In addition, the advantage of using this machine is that the embroidery process time is faster than using a manual method which will take longer.

complicated patterns that will be very difficult to be made manually but will be very easy to make using this machine so that its use is needed in the embroidery business – embroidered clothes.

Embroidery Logo Shirt The Right and Easy Way to Create Logo

Embroidery Logo Shirt The Right and Easy Way to Create Logo

Logo Embroidery – Embroidery is a need that cannot be underestimated at this time. This embroidery is widely used for several purposes, one of which is a lot of clothes logo.

A clothes logo that uses it as an identity, is now widely used as an ornament as well as an identity. The type of logo that can be made in a variety of models and designs and colors will be very interesting if the use can be arranged according to the right position and proportion.

Logo Embroidery Shirt

1 Logo position

One very important item of clothing is the logo but whether or not a logo is a trivial matter. Most logos are placed on the front next to the left chest but many do not know if the logo turns out to be placed in several other locations, for example the bottom front left or right.

But never place the embroidered logo or image on the upper or lower back. Although many do it, but actually this will make the clothes a little uncomfortable in use. The back part is the part that should not be too thick while the part will be too thick with the addition of a embroidery motif.


In addition to the position, the proportion of logos is also important. We all certainly have seen a lot if most logos have a small size, this is done so that the clothes do not seem excessive so it can interfere with the aesthetic value and also interfere with the comfort of clothes when used.

Here is what is meant by proportions, in giving embroidered logos, we must take into account the size of the embroidery logo so that it does not seem excessive and even annoying when used. This happens a lot because of the cheap price of embroidery so that some people use embroidery designs that are too lively and too large to be overly impressed.

3 Gradation

The meaning of gradation is the pattern of the color of the logo itself or between the logo with the color of the shirt material.

We’ve all known if the embroidered logo can be made with a variety of color compositions in order to make the logo more attractive, but there are also many cases where the embroidered logo has a color that doesn’t match the color of the shirt given the logo

Shirt Logo Design

Logo Embroidery 

In designing it is better to do a suitable color calculation so that the results will not be blasphemous, especially if the embroidery logo will be used by many people for a particular institution.


Determining the logo is indeed not easy, it must consider things that are actually trivial but if you don’t pay attention to it, it will make the embroidery logo become unattractive at all. Whatever type of shirt is better, use a simple design and not too many colors are involved.


Then it must be remembered if sometimes the colors produced from embroidery become a little different from the colors that have been designed that we have made beforehand so that we have to be really careful in choosing colors for an embroidered shirt logo.

Computer Embroidery Arises Charming

Computer Embroidery Arises – Maybe we all know what embroidery is, but not necessarily we know what types of embroidery are there. These types of embroidery vary greatly depending on the manufacturer’s wishes. One that is widely used is computer embroidery arises.

This type of embroidery was chosen because it was considered to have a better aesthetic value compared to other types of embroidery. This embossed embroidery can easily be made using a computer embroidery machine which of course will be very fast and efficient in the manufacturing process.

Computer Embroidery Arises

Computer Embroidery Arises – Just like the making of embroidery with a computer embroidery machine in general the steps are no different, it’s just that the design is made separately so that the results arise. For the steps are :

1. To make embroidery arise using a computer embroidery machine, we first create a pattern that we design specifically so that the embroidery becomes embossed. The making of this pattern is through a design software intended specifically for computer embroidery machines.


In the case of pattern making, we will use the perstik system, for an embroidery pattern, usually it will require a price of Rp. 14,000 for the price of the perstik is Rp. 5, – up to Rp. 10. So you can count yourself how many sticks are needed to make one embroidered logo pattern.


2. After the pattern is finished, the next step is of course entering the softcopy or file the pattern into the embroidery machine. You just move the file into flashdrive or flashdisk then just plug the drive into the computer embroidery machine via the available USB slot.


3. After the file is entered, just set the production according to the wishes and then the machine can start producing embroidery with a faster time.

 The Effectiveness of Computer Embroidery Arises

Computer Embroidery Arises – Like other production machines that are created to accelerate the production of an item, this computer embroidery machine also has the same capabilities, namely speeding up and making production more efficient.

This is because the concept of this machine that can make one applique in a very fast time so that the production speed can be calculated more efficiently which is certainly different from the manual method in making embroidery prioritizing accuracy and also depends on the ability and also the speed of the worker which is certainly different – different so that production time cannot be calculated efficiently.

Besides being efficient, this computer embroidery machine also has advantages in the manufacture of various types of embroidery. One of them is embroidered embossed which if done manually, the time needed will be longer.

Goodie Birthday Bags Are Cheap And Good Very Suitable For Party Events

Goodie bag now has become a necessity that is very much sought after by many people.

This is because the goodie bag has a very important role in a birthday party or other parties that function as a place or packaging for souvenirs or gifts. The development of the goodie bag design has also been happening a lot now.

For example, a goodie bag that is designed exclusively to describe a party concept so that it can strengthen the festive impression of a party.

Goodie bag which is actually a paper bag has a very important role at this time. many are looking for goodie bags for their parties, unfortunately there are not many vendors or services that offer goodie bag printing services according to the designs we make ourselves.

So to make a goodie bag with our own design, of course the costs needed will be very expensive and not to mention if we need a fairly large amount, it can spend a lot of funds.


Goodie Cheap Birthday Bag

To save money in buying a goodie bag birthday party, we must be smart in buying. The following tips can be followed in order to buy a goodie bag that fits the sloping price.

1. Do research, this research aims to compare prices between producers so that we get the cheapest price. Indeed, not many manufacturers offer sloping prices, but if we are observant in searching, then we can get a sloping price.

2. After we get the right manufacturer, we should offer the design we want and negotiate for the price issue. Convince the producer if we will buy in large quantities but ask producers to lower prices.

3. Besides, the price is cheap, we also need to choose goodie bag material that suits our needs. Do not let the tips to get a goodie bag with a thin material and not according to what we want.

Indeed, not many manufacturers offer low prices, but we still have to do everything we can to get low prices with good quality goods, therefore, we should be smart in bargaining while still paying attention to our humanity to keep the producers profitable.