Examples of Embroidery Men’s Clothing with Various Embroider

Examples of Embroidery Men’s Clothing

Embroidery is now a clothing accessory that can be applied to men’s and women’s clothing.

This is because embroidery motifs that can be made vary so that it becomes an accessory that can be adapted to all types of clothes. For men’s clothing, this embroidery has also been widely used, whether as a logo or as a sufficient decoration to make the appearance of clothes more attractive.

In its development, the motif used consists of many forms, this is due to the transition of the embroidery method from the manual to the computer which certainly facilitates the process of making this embroidery.

Men’s clothing embroidery has many examples that we can use to make our own embroidery motifs. One good example is embroidery motifs with plant or natural nuances so that a simple impression becomes thicker.

For logos, it is already widely applied to men’s clothing, but usually only limited to complement, even though this logo can be used as a decoration that will make clothes more attractive.

When we want to make embroidered motifs on clothes, especially men’s clothes, it’s best to rethink how the clothes look when the embroidery is installed.

Do not let the clothes become confused in terms of the concept due to excessive use of embroidery. Therefore, it is a good idea to look back at the example of an existing male shirt.

So that we can properly balance and also redesign the embroidery motifs and adjust their placement well. Do not get the wrong position, because it will greatly affect the comfort of the wearer.

So many examples of embroidery motifs spread both online and offline, this makes it easy for us to make our own embroidery designs so that they become more fitting and attractive because they can combine several motifs so that embroidery has a new and not monotonous look like that – that’s all.

The use of this motif can also be adjusted to the concept of clothes. For example, for the concept of simple clothes, embroidery should only be in the form of lines that form letters so that a masculine and simple impression can be obtained. Conversely the use of embroidery motifs that are too much will make clothes become excessive. Open an example of a male shirt to be used as a good example so that the embroidery is not messy.